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FIX! Widget Menu Not Showing in Appearance Tab WordPress

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The widget menu is usually located on the appearance tab. But if the widget menu not showing in appearance tab and you are finding the solution to fix it? I will give you the proper solution with video.

Widgets are used to provide fixed content to WordPress pages and posts. For example, you can install a widget that displays on all pages and a WordPress widget is a flexible component that lets you add a specific feature to your website. Widgets can be placed in a variety of places on a website, including sidebars and footer areas.

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Follow These Steps to add Widget in Appearance Tab

  1. Go to your theme directory (Theme Editor)
  2. Open function.php file
  3. copy & paste the code
  4. Reload Dashboard and look for widgets under Appearance Tab

As I explained previously, the widget tab is available under the Appearance tab. I was working on a client’s website and needed to add a sidebar, but the widget menu was missing from appearance Tab. The reason is that sidebar functionality has yet to be integrated to your theme. It hasn’t started the widget function yet. Simply, no sidebar has yet been created, which is why the widget menu does not display in the WordPress dashboard.

It’s simple to set up a widget menu and a sidebar. You’ll need to open the function.php file in your theme directory. FileZilla or File Manager from your hosting’s Cpanel can be used to access the theme directory.

Reload the dashboard after adding this piece of code below to the end of the file.

Watch Video Below

Code will appear in 20 seconds.

Under the appearance tab, you should have a widget menu. The sidebar we just created with the register sidebar() function will appear when you click on the widget menu.

By adding a sidebar, we were able to start using widgets. Now you may customize the sidebar with widgets.

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