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Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse: Our Best Picks in 2022

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Finding the best left-handed gaming mouse can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider: price, design, and performance. But one thing is key: choosing a mouse that works for you and your game style, especially if you’re left-handed. I’ve been using a mouse that really helped improve my game as well as offer comfort options for my hand. And if you’re left-handed too, then this may just be the best gaming mouse for you!

For left handers, finding the best left handed gaming mouse used to be a headache. Because of the discriminatory focus of peripheral manufacturers, lefties had to more or less teach themselves to use right handed mouse if they desired the specific thrill of a good gaming mouse for such a long time.

Though there are still very few devices built especially for left-handed gamers, ambidextrous designs are becoming more popular. Of course, many of us left-handed people are quite capable with rodents built for the masses, having had to do so for much of our lives, but it’s not the same. The ergonomics are terrible, and the side button layout is a headache.

There are a few possibilities, fortunately. There are a number of mice available that are just as capable for left-handed gamers as they are for right-handed gamers. Some don’t replicate all of the buttons, but some do, giving you to benefit from thumb buttons, which can make a significant difference in game popping skills. Unfortunately, special mouse for left-handed use is much more difficult to come by.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best mouse for left handed users so you can quickly pick the right one for you. Although not every mouse is designed expressly for lefties.  You’ll note that some of the mouse on this page have a lot of extra buttons. These can be set up to help you to speed up your workflow and increase your performance. Of course, there are left-handed mouse that prefers simplicity and stick to the tried-and-true two-button design.

More significantly, ambidextrous mouse are comfortable to hold and include buttons that are intuitively placed within reach of left-handed gamers. To avoid misclicks, many left-handed alternatives allow users to disable buttons they aren’t using. Some ambidextrous gaming mouse additionally has side buttons that aren’t used. 

Best Left handed gaming mouse: Top listed Options available

Logitech G903 RF Wireless


  • Wireless
  • 11 buttons
  • DPI (200-12000)

The Logitech G903 is a multi-purpose wireless gaming mouse. This left-handed mouse has 11 customizable buttons and a DPI of up to 12,000, which is more than most people could use. Mechanical button tensioning (which provides tactile feedback via button clicks) allows you to fine-tune it to your liking. The five profiles you may choose between are much more handy – alter parameters like sensitivity and button usage to move between browsing and gaming activities. Another great option is wireless charging via the PowerPlay mat, which makes the 32-hour battery life even more of a comfort.


  • High accuracy
  • Wireless charging
  • A lots of buttons


  • Little Expensive

SteelSeries Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse


  • Wired
  • 8 buttons
  • DPI (50-18,000)

Your options for a left handed gaming mouse are limited, but many mouse manufacturers are now adopting ambidextrous designs, which means that their mice are comfortable to use for both left- and right-handed persons. SteelSeries is one of such companies, and the Sensei Ten blends a left-hand-friendly design with a superb sensor for quick and accurate use. There are many customization possibilities, as well as a Tilt Tracking feature that tracks your movements even while you’re lifting and lowering your mouse at inclined angles.


  • profile customization
  • Ambidextrous design


  • No braided cable

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600

Budget gaming mouse for left handers


  • Bluetooth
  • 2 Buttons
  • DPI (1000)

For those on a budget, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is the greatest left-handed mouse. It’s little and cheap, but most importantly, it’s well-made. It’s great for people who travel who need a reliable wireless mouse.

Because of its ambidextrous design, it’s also a good alternative for left-handed users. When it comes to peripherals, Microsoft has a great reputation, and the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is the best mouse for left handers.


  • Comfortable
  • Cheap


  • Smaller than standard mouse

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

Classic choice for left handed users


  • Wired
  • 8 Buttons
  • DPI (100-12000)

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 gaming mouse designed for gamers, so it’s feature – packed that designers and non-gamers will love. This super-sensitive sensor has a sensitivity of 12,000 DPI. An ARM 32-bit Chipset – formerly a pipe dream even for smartphones – aids in the computation of all this data so that the end result is as smooth as possible, which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?


  • Split-trigger buttons
  • Sensor onboard
  • Ambidextrous


  • Not wireless

Corsair Katar Pro XT


  • Wired
  • 6 Buttons
  • DPI (18,000)

A solid ambidextrous design is the next best thing after a real left-handed design. The Corsair Katar Pro XT achieves this at a price of only $30. Although it doesn’t have thumb buttons for left-handed gamers, it does have an ultra-light design, RGB lights, and a capable sensor.

The Corsair Katar Pro XT includes an optical PixArt PMW3391 sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 18,000DPI, allowing you to easily navigate a pair of 4K monitors. The very small weight of only 73 grammes facilitates easy mouse movement. Although the right-hand thumb buttons aren’t easily reachable at a moment’s notice, you can still use Corsair’s iCue software to create useful macros that you can activate with your pinky as required.

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition


  • USB connectivity
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • DPI (16,000)

This ambidextrous Razer mouse has an astounding 16,000 DPI (scroll down for more on why this is essential), 9 programmable buttons, and adjustable illumination, with 16.8 million colour possibilities to select from.

There’s a rubberized wheel on one side and tactile grips on the other to keep you in control when things get hot, and internal storage lets you store your settings directly to the mouse. It’s powered by a single AAA battery and can’t be recharged if you’re using a rechargeable battery.

10 Best Seller Left Handed Gaming Mouse

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